Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Goodbye and all the best!

Like most of the blogs also my one started with a lot of energy and suddenly it ends. At least I like to write a final post. Lately I was quiet busy with trading, and in the end I could improve a lot.

I am not interested to make money with selling some twilight services, investment opportunities or picks. I wrote a trading guide for my own use and it's not for sale!!

You should think twice (better even more!) before you buy or invest your money. Why a successful trader should sell his secrets? You are nothing more than a competitor on the same ladders! I can only give you the suggestion to make your own research. Read books about psychology of trading. Define a good money management and learn of the mistakes you do. Learn how the markets react, study charts. Only your own time on the markets helps to become a successful trader. It's like driving a car. Only time in your vehicle helps to improve your skills.

I like to thank three guys which helped me during this time. None of them want to be mentioned with name, but I am sure they know to whom I am referring. Horse, you do, right? ;-)  One could be my father, a real gentleman! Thanks for the endless discussions over skype and email. Last, but not least, my thanks to my Croatian friend from Germany. It was was an amazing time when we tried our luck with NBA. :-) 

I wish all the best to the (future) traders and be aware for what you are spending your money!

Keep greening :-)


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Small, but beautiful...

I had to recognize that it doesn't make sense to play with big money at this stage. Beside I made some changes and additions to Sultan's strategies. Like he wrote in his blog, he started with Tradesharks strategies and adjusted them to his personal taste. I did the same, and I start to feel comfortable with them. What did I change:

  • I implemented more flexible exit points. 
  • I go for more momentum changes (in and out).
  • I enter for shorter periods.
  • I make more offplay trades.

In general I made the mistake to trade the players and not the market. It's important to think in which direction it will go. You have to consider what your opponents (the other market particpants) will do. Are they overreacting? Are they right with their bets?

It works quiet well at the moment. I will slightly rise the stakes in comparison to the balance. At the moment I don't risk more than 20 Euros in a trade. If you consider this they profit you see below is not that bad...