Saturday, 2 August 2014

Small, but beautiful...

I had to recognize that it doesn't make sense to play with big money at this stage. Beside I made some changes and additions to Sultan's strategies. Like he wrote in his blog, he started with Tradesharks strategies and adjusted them to his personal taste. I did the same, and I start to feel comfortable with them. What did I change:

  • I implemented more flexible exit points. 
  • I go for more momentum changes (in and out).
  • I enter for shorter periods.
  • I make more offplay trades.

In general I made the mistake to trade the players and not the market. It's important to think in which direction it will go. You have to consider what your opponents (the other market particpants) will do. Are they overreacting? Are they right with their bets?

It works quiet well at the moment. I will slightly rise the stakes in comparison to the balance. At the moment I don't risk more than 20 Euros in a trade. If you consider this they profit you see below is not that bad...


    1. These few results look nice. Have you ever thought about just sticking to the same stake level for 2 months, or maybe even to the rest of the season now?

      Get some consistency in now then look to move forward for the new season?

      Seems like your result's are starting to go onto the right track :)

      1. Hello Alchemist

        Yes, since I changed my approach the results are really better. I am still not 100% satisfied, but I start to feel more comfortable. I think everybody has to go his own way. The strategies of Sultan didn't work for me (especially exit-points), but they gave me some good ideas. Next few weeks I will work in live sessions with a pro. After I should be capable to start with bigger amounts.

        Kind regards and all the best,