Wednesday, 23 July 2014

100th post

Probably I pressured myself too much to have an excellent 100th post. I prefer to continue with normal news.

Despite I wrote my last post five weeks ago, it didn't happen that much. The meeting at Lyon was postponed, so my progress is slower than expected. That was the reason for not rising the stakes. One time I did and I lost...

I try to improve my strategies with the help of my trading friends. In theory it works, but I have still not the level for sustainable profits. At least I stopped with chasing, discipline rised and the money management is established.

I invested a big amount in a trading fonds. I am really happy with the ROI. This money will help me for my own trading career. If somebody is interested, he/she can contact me by email. I can make contact with the owner of the fonds.

In the beginning the improvement was quick, lately the whole process slowed down a bit. It's hard to become a member of the 2% successful Betfair users. It's not impossible, but I have to stay patient and continue the work with my live trading mentor.

A lot of readers asked me about my view of Sultan's Trading Academy. I wrote in the past about my time as a student and was in contact with 2-3 other members. Overall I would say that his service is okay. With the shorter timeframes he makes a step in the right direction. Before the price was too high in my opinion, because there was not a big added value anymore after 3-4 months.

I don't agree with his comparison to live mentoring. Actually I would prefer to spend an intensive day with him (10 hours à 50 pounds) for a real online support than a email based service. Nothing against this, but for my taste his answers were too much aftertiming and too general. In contrast the strategy guide is well written and a good help. I think a package with the mentioned document and one day intensive trading at his place would be the better option (at least after 2-3 weeks of email support). Beside it's a bit disappointing for me, that a so called "exclusive service" suddenly is open for everybody. In my opinion it's a bad sign when somebody sells "his secrets" to everybody...

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