Sunday, 29 December 2013

Blow my account...

Which trader doesn't know this feeling?! After a lost bet you like to regain the money. You make stupid moves and in the end you blow (almost) your whole account. Yes, it happened to me. I like to be honest with you and should be a lesson for the future.

Well, 2013 was a year  to learn. In the end was very disappointing, but was more because my lacking discipline and not because strategies don't work. I have to keep the positive aspects from this year. I learned to trade soccer, tennis and since some days I am drilled about NBA. Amazing how quick the momentum can change! In just two days I saw two or three 1.02 odds which were (almost) blown.

In soccer I trade mainly pre game, but is harder than I thought. You need large sums of money to make some bucks. The trends are not always that clear. Sometimes a market maker destroys your efforts. Well, I keep this strategy, but I prefer to focus on tennis and basketball.

At tennis I try to learn more of Sultan. He is a great teacher. Lately I was more patient, not make a trade just because. You have to find value. Is better not to trade as losing money. Thanks to NBA I am not forced to make for heaven's sake a trade. I have more diversity now and can wait for the right opportunity (in the night).

Well at the moment I have to work with a very small account (around 50 Euro). It's boon and bane at the same time. At one side it's frustrating to trade with small amounts. On the oder side is great to learn strategies with less money, because is not that risky.

We will see, what 2014 will bring. It's an important year for me because I am starting a new job with 50% workload. The oder time I try to trade sportsmarkets. I hope I can trade as soon as possible again with more money. If I have more discipliny I will not blow again my account. This is the main point I have to improve... losing some trades is just normal, so I have to learn to accept that betting is not a one-way street.

I wish all my readers a very successful 2014. I hope all your wishes will come true. I will keep you informed about my thoughts about trading and my progress.


  1. Sorry to hear you blew your bank. I used to think the same that starting with smaller amounts is frustrating, but it'll allow you to adjust your strategies and such if you need to, without losing bigger amounts of money and will help a lot long-term.

    I'm actually now starting 2014 with a £50 bank, so it'll be interesting to see how you get on with 50 euros :)

    Keep working on your discipline and good luck for 2014.

  2. Thanks for your nice words. Is always very sad to blow a bank. In the end was helpful for me, because I recognized that the traded amounts were too big. So I was afraid to lose the trade (cutted wins or losses too early) and always doubted about strategies. With smaller sums you can get familiar with your trades, learn a lot better. Right now my account is 60 Euros ;-) But of course I have to fill it a bit... because right now is too much "work" to make three bucks at one trade. If I can handle the discipline stuff, I will be okay with a 500 Euro bank or even 5'000 Euro bank like I had before.

  3. well,been there done that several times:) good luck for both of us!