Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Recovering (a bit)...

On a low level, I am recovering. Acutally I don't want to make a comparison with Michael Schumacher (is too serious), but it describes my situacion quiet well. With my betting I was or let's better I am so low like he with his life :-(. It seems he makes small steps forward (thanks god!) and I am also recovering a bit.

Lately I liked especially basketball. I feel me more comfortable with it as with tennis. You are not so extradited to one player. On the other hand the swings are more or less the same. Actually I am even more confident that a strong favourite or a leader will have a weak period during a match than in tennis. I have no stats, but it seems that is pretty rare that one basketballteam wins all four periods. In tennis I saw too much games where a player didn't hit a ball during the whole match. The advantage of tennis are the higher amount of games, the duration of season and of course the lidquidity.

... but it doesn't mean that I will stop to trade tennis. There is too much I can learn of my teacher Sultan. Like I wrote in my last post, for me is great to have now more diversity. The pressure to find value at tennis is lower, because in basketball I will find it almost for sure. Since I am trading it was no night without great swings. Like me friend told, the charts are looking like the Swiss alps :-)

Well, the profit is not looking that spectacular at the moment. On the other hand I made with basketball in only a few days around a 1/3 of my account. I don't say that I can scale up this to a 100'000 Euros account (would be over 30'000 Euros), but I think there is some potential. The liquidity is quiet okay, i think factor 10 is more than realistic. A trader should not talk about numbers, but let's do a small forecast. If I can do 18 Euros in two days, it's in one month 270 Euros. With factor 10 would be 2'700 Euros... Let's dream :-)  Beside some tennis and football, so the target to become a full time trader would be almost reached. Unfortunately life in Switzerland is quiet expensive...

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