Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Back from holiday

I wish to all blog readers merry christmas. Hope you enjoy these days with your families and get energy for next year. Like I wrote in last post, I was three weeks in South America. I visited Cancun and  Santo Domingo. Especially Mexico was great to make party, to forget about daily routine.

But let's face it... 2014 will be a very important year for me. I decided to quit my good paid job as a financial controller for giving a try with self employed work. One of them is trading! The other one is a capital investment after selling my appartment. Beside I work in part time employment as a financial officer in a small company. Different sources of income should create less daily routine and give hopefully a lot of happyness and more spare time.

Right now I am preparing for the next tennis season. I am quiet sure that I can do it a lot better than in the past. With the support of Sultan and the picks of Shark I have the necessary help on my side. With fooball trading I am already quiet comfortable. I implemented some strategies which works. Is a mix between pre game and inplay trading.

I will keep you informed regularly how the trades are going. I don't have a financial target for the year 2014. I only like to find trust to have an interesting 3th source income beside my regular job and the invested capital.

Tomorrow is boxing day. I hope to make some good trades with English football. For me it's the best league to bet thanks the high market liquidity.

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