Monday, 2 June 2014

Back on track

Like I wrote in the last post, I couldn't trade that much last days. Beside I decided to reduce my bank and act more as an investor in the project of my partner. He (still) trades a lot better than me. I prefer that he trades with my money and builds financial security for me.

At the moment I trade with a very small bank. It's good to learn the new strategies with less money. Sometimes it's hard to see that I could make with normal stakes ten times more profit, but it's okay at this moment. Today I won 30 Euro and I felt first time in my life like a trader. I was not laying or backing players, I just traded the market. I see a big step in the right direction!

Now I understand why Sultan stopped the blog. When you achieved to trade successful, it's not to say that much anymore. You can't even talk about the bets you made during a day, because you change very often the sides. Today I layed and backed Federer in the same match. In some moments there was value on Federer, on other situacions on Gulbis.

In the second week of the French Open is not that much action anymore. It's a pity that it took so much time (almost half a year) until I got a better feeling about trading. Unfortunately the grass season starts soon. It's harder to trade on quick surfaces because there are more service holds and less swings.

Beside I am sure that a big bank helps a lot to be successful. Of course the strategies will work with less money, but you will have less profit and less opportunities. My target is to build a bigger bank until US Open. Afterwards I have around two months to see if I am ready to go full time at year 2015.

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