Friday, 30 May 2014


Tomorrow I will move in a another appartment. It will take some time until I will be back on the ladders of trading. I think the break comes to the right time. Last days were quiet hard. I lost some Euros and the real breakthrough seems more far away than I thought some days or a week ago. It was a mix between bad variance and inadequate trading. In general I am still trading too often the player and not the market. Beside I am missing some facts and take too risky trades.

For example I hoped (probably this is the right word... and the proof that it was a bad bet) for a comeback of Lopez against Young. I unterrated the fact that the Spaniard is not in his best shape. The same mistake I made with Monaco against Seppi. The Italian often plays his best tennis at the Grand Slam tournaments. The same situation with Sloan Stephens, I layed her (normally she struggles at least in one set), but at top events she seems more motivated. All the mentioned trades were no real value... I did better with the market overreactions on both sides in the Verdasco vs. Cuevas game. That was traders dream scenario. Verdasco was traded at 1.15 in the first set (!), around half an hour later Cuevas was at 1.20. In the end won the Spaniard... I have to wait for these kind of games.

The last days I watched a lot of tennis and every day had two or three really good moments. It's quet boring and needs a lot of concentration to wait for these times, but it pays off in the long term. I learned that the professionals don't take the risky trades and try to make save profit. With the green books they play the (more unsecure) value. After half a year without the big breakthrough and refering the discussions with my professional partner I am sure that I have to make some small changes in my approach.

I take the break to get a fresh mind. Beside I will write down the strategy changes I have to do. If I like to live one day of trading I need less variance. I have some ideas to reach this target. The strategies of Sultan will still be part of the new approach, but some additions have to be done...

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