Monday, 9 June 2014

Grass season and new approach

After a terrific French Open final we are back to the daily routine. Today the grass season started at Halle, Queen's and Birmingham. The change to a different surface it's difficult for the players and the traders as well. Less breaks bring less swings, so the strategy has to be a bit different. Beside the approach of the full time trader is not the same like the one of Sultan. I have to get used to it. Today I made some mistakes, but I also had some promising moments.

I am learning with my small bank. Sometimes it's boring. You invest eight hours or more in front of the TV and computer and in the end you make a profit of 20 to 30 Euros. In comparison to the account it's okay, but for the motivation it's not a real boost. If the strategy works with smaller amounts, it will do it as well with bigger stakes. The liquidity at tennis is really good. So the next step to more successful and enjoyable trading is a bigger bank. My player and market knowledge is quiet well now, and I only make trades when I really feel save. Of course there is still a risk to lose a trade (obvious, I have no crystal ball), but the risk/reward-ratio is a lot better than before.

The issue about a big bank you can also see here: He makes enormous profits, but if you take a closer look, you recognize that he has a huge turnover. A ROI of 2.51% is nothing special, but with big stakes you can make a lot of money. Of course you need a strategy which you can scale up. The latest results are promising, but the most important step (rising stakes) is still missing.

At Thursday I will go to holidays for one week. Before and afterwards the learning process will continue. I try to gain more confidence with the new strategies. Wimbledon will be a good indicator to measure the progress. If I can make profits with a small account, I can also do it with a bigger one. At 14th of July I will travel to Lyon for an intensive trading week. Afterwards it's planned to trade with a bigger bank and higher stakes.

The next post will be the 100th! So I hope that it will be a special one... probably it will take some time until I will write it. First I will be in holidays until 20th of June, second there is not so much to write about at the moment. If there is something really interesting, I will let you know.


  1. I have always enjoyed your blog and also joined the Sultan Academy. Have you got an email address that I could contact you on?


    1. Thanks Malcolm! Yes, my email is I will keep the blog, but probably I will write just one or two posts in a month. It's just getting more difficult to write something interesting... :-)

  2. Hey Bruce, looking forward to the 100th post! enjoy your holiday ;) .... any chance you could add my blog to the blogroll? -


    1. Hello Caan Berry! Just did it. I look forward to my 100th post too... perhaps after the intensive week at Lyon. If there is something interesting before, I will let you know. Keep greening!

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