Sunday, 2 November 2014


It was a tough (trading) year so far, but finally the hard work and suffering seem to pay off. I focused last week on the tennis tournament at Paris-Bercy. I traded almost every day and the result looks quiet promising:
One year ago I was a member of Sultan's Trading Academy (STA). In a review I would say, I was not ready at this point. To be honest, I would say the STA is nothing for rookies. It's hard to understand his value approach without a decent market and player knowledge. It can open doors, but you should not be disappointed, when you don't succeed. It needs a lot of hard work and own reasearch to make the breaktrough.

Unfortunately I met in the spring 2014 the wrong person. Instead of hard work (I do now) I thought there is a free lunch. In the end I had to recognize that I was a victim of a big fraud. If you like to succeed, you have to do your own research. Since two months I work with a partner in a serious project (

We recognized that the Sultan strategies are a really good base. Actually I didn't want to use them anymore because I was not successful. Our analysis showed that I failed mainly because of the lack of market knowledge. Unfortunately this part is not that well described in the guide.

What did we do? We implemented a huge database with different information about price levels, scenarios and outcomes. Now value seems more "visible". We know the situations which have a good risk-/reward ratio. Beside we added some new strategies to the package of Sultan. All together we are talking about 20 (Sultan has 14). In the beginning it was looking like an overkill, but now it's getting more and more clear when you have to execute which one.

All in all I am very happy with the progress. The profit of 56 Euros seems not that much. Like some readers supposed I lowered my stakes. Before I worked with ten time bigger stakes and the "business model" shows that factor 100 is possible in the long term. How sounds 5'635 Euro profit in just one week?! I would say fantastic!

What are the next steps? We are implementing a trading controlling to improve our trading skills. In the end it's (almost) all about experience. The professionals are talking about 10'000 hours on the ladders to have the necessary knowledge to succeed. I feel more and more that this is true. Every week my confidence is rising. Beside the controlling we will concretise the strategy guide. Here I see the biggest lack of Sultan's trading guide. He is referring to value, but the description of the most common scenarios is completely missing. For him this is not a problem (because is in his mind), but for a third party it's evident.

Until the end of the year I will keep the low stakes. I look forward to the next season. First time I feel really ready for it. Perhaps there is one exception... unfortunately of all things I am a bit afraid of ATP Grand Slam tournaments. With five setters I don't have much experience. Perhaps I will focus at the Aussie Open at the WTA competition until I feel more confident with five set matches.

Until then there is much time to go with some highlights: ATP World tour finals, Fed Cup final and Davis Cup final between France and Switzerland.


  1. Congrats! And like you say matchs at 5 sets are a lot different than 3 set matches. Odds not move too much between a set and the order, but with practice you coul see the "value moment".

    Have a nice close of year.



    1. Hello Cristobal

      Yes, it's about practice... but there are only four Grand slam tournaments and some Davis Cup matches during the year. So you don't have much opportunities to practice. Probably I will trade more WTA during Grand slams and try to collect some data of best of five matches.

      I wish you also a good rest of the year.


  2. I am very happy that your trading skills are improving, it is a very good example that hard work really pays off. I wish you all the best in 2015 and I hope that you will keep writing this blog. It really helped me to spot some things that I did not thought about and basicly its really motivating for us talented but not proven traders :) As for 5 set matches I am having same issues and doubts like you and I hope that I will work that out in next season....

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Sultan talked one time about Grand Slames... a lot of traders are over excited, are running like a bull in the store. For me five setters are more difficult, because the experience is missing. The patterns are completely different. Luckily the WTA Grand Slams are played best of three.

  3. I am also glad that you have found your way !!!!

    1. I am not over the mountain yet, but thank you. I hope the slow, but steady progress will continue in the next months...