Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review 2014

With the Davis Cup win of Switzerland (Yes we did it!!) the tennis season is over. So, it's time to write a review of the trading year 2014. I can divide it in three stages.

First stage
The end of the year 2013 was quiet disappointing. I couldn't succeed at the Sultan's Trading Academy, and I was clueless about tennis. So I decided to switch to NBA trading. The first months of the year I traded basketball. After a promising start things turned bad in the early spring. Beside I didn't like to stay awake the whole night to watch some big guys playing with a ball. I decided to return to tennis...

Second stage
In May I was contacted by a guy. He told me that he is a professional sportstrader. At this time I was without big hope to succeed, and I was happy to meet "an expert". I trusted him and we traded together (over Facebook messenger). I transfered big money to his account for beeing part of the trading team which work with a self programmed software. Unfortunately he was just a liar, and he scammed me. I met in the wrong time, the wrong person. If I would meet him earlier or later, it would not happen. After he was not willing to pay me the money back until the beginning of November (despite he promised it like two or three times), I made a final stroke under this bad story. Shit happens in life (I am healthy, have good friends and a nice family... so the financial damage is not the end of the world), and I am sure that 2015 will bring some nice developments in my life.

Third stage
With a reader of this blog and meanwhile a good friend, I started a serious project (Ultimo) about tennis trading. We collected data, wrote a strategy guide and are improving our trading skills on the market. We are not yet over the mountain, but the progress is obvious. The discipline rised, the strategies are proven by Sultan (we have like a Sultan+ guide) and the data collection gives us a good overview about the patterns in the market. So far we documented around 200 tennis matches, more will follow in 2015.

I would say that the 2014 was a rollercoaster like you are looking for at tennis matches. Unfortunately you don't wish that in your personal life. I am sure that the worst part is over. Beside trading happened some unpleasant developments as well. I don't want to go in details, but there were serious problems at my part time job and my living situation after I sold my appartment. Both topics will be solved in 2015. More you can read in my next post, where I will write a preview for 2015.


  1. Did the scammer pay you back in full? if so that is great news, even if it was delayed. glad to hear you are improving your knowledge and hope you have a great 2015

    1. No, he didn't pay me back anything. Thanks for your good wishes for 2015. Soon I will write a preview for the next year.

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