Friday, 29 November 2013

The flow continues...

At wednesday the good flow continues. Like I mentioned I favoured Manchester United to win the game against Leverkusen. Of course I didn't think the english team will win 5:0, but the odd was with 3.50 real too high. Actually is not about betting is more playing the probabilites. Was strange to see ManU only with less 30% chances to win this game...

Beside I was pretty sure that Bayern Munich will not score more than three goals in cold weather without many emotions in Moscow. Okay, in the end was quiet close, they won 3:1. Sometimes you need a bit of luck (or how Lothar Matthäuas say: "I hope we have a little bit lucky").

Yesterday I started my part time job at the new company. So I decided not to make any trades. I saw some opportunities like Lyon or lay the Swiss teams (beside FC Basel there is nothing with international quality in our country), but I don't like so much unattended trades.

Tomorrow I will fly to Mexico for holidays. Perhaps I will trade as well there. How you know you only need a computer (not even... a smartphone is enough) and a internet connection to do it. Let's see. For the moment I layed  Leverkusen... they looked terrible against Manchester United, I can't see them as so clear favourite against Nürnberg. The odd will rise before the kickoff. Beside I am keeping an eye on Barcelona. 1.70 against Bilbao (to be honest, they are quiet strong and Barca is still playing without Messi) is looking quiet attractive. But there is no hurry to enter, the game is at Sunday.

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