Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Petkovic: She did it again...

A new strategy is born: Never trust Andrea Petkovic. Last time I made a terrible trade: http://brucelaytrading.blogspot.ch/2014/10/bad-habits-are-still-here.html

Today I didn't enter the market. To be honest, I was not on the tennis ladders today. The early games didn't fascinate me for different reasons (low liquidity, service battle, no good TV coverage). So I took a look at soccer and found an interesting match: Brazil against Japan. I couldn't resist and made a trade. It was looking well until the last minutes... I ended in a medium size red instead of a big green. Yes, let's call it indiscipline again or boredom. At least I saw a Neymar which played in beast mode. He scored all (four) goals and could make even six or seven! Amazing performance... if he would stop to simulate and complaining all the time, I would see him (almost) at the same level like Ronaldo and Messi.

With this loss I was not in the right mood to return to the tennis ladders. I watched some soccer games for fun and recovered with small bets around 2/3 of the amount I lost with Brazil.

What should I learn out of  this? First it's the work and then the pleasure. It's not always fun to watch tennis (especially with a small bet365 picture), but if I want to be a professional trader I have to be on the ladders with average matches. It's not every day a Djokovic vs. Federer spectacle. 

I ordered the book "trading in the zone" like I reader of my blog suggested. I hope I will receive it soon. It should help me to improve my discipline. I wrote in the comment that I already have a better level than before. Actually was not difficult to improve from nothing... :-)  Beside I have no winner mentality. How I read in the summary, this topic is also addressed in the book.

Next days (Wednesday and Thursday) I will be back on the tennis ladders. I am quiet motivated after the day I missed. Sometimes it's good to take a break... better would be a real free day and not one with soccer gambling. :-) 


  1. I’ve followed you for some time now but never commented before. I like your blog and all the hard work and dedication you put in.
    But I think you should seriously reconsider the way you approach your trading. I am not talking about strategies, market patterns or knowledge of players. You have to spend most of your time analysing YOU and what triggers your actions. In my opinion there is something deep in your conscious mind that is making you act like a gambler and not a trader. Maybe you are just trying to get back the money lost with the scammer? I don’t know. You have to ask yourself. Just imagine for a second you are a very successful trader, would you make these statements?
    “A new strategy is born: Never trust Andrea Petkovic”
    “I hoped for a late momentum change”
    “Two or three good trades, and I will return in the green zone”
    Those are your own words and I think it gives a clue of what you need to be working on.
    And finally, my modest advice would be that you should stick to one strategy and play with it for a few months. See if you can get used to red up, exit, go through a losing streak, let winning positions run longer etc… Once this becomes second nature I am sure you will get to the next level.

    1. Hello Wiggins22! Thank you for your feedback. Some of the statements were ironic, but in general you are right. My biggest enemy it's me! It's true, I am still affected by the scamming. It's not that I am chasing the lost money, it's more the feeling that I can't afford to lose more.

      It's a psychological issue, but I am working on it with different topics. It needs time to solve these issues, but I see some turning points in my life just ahead.

      About the strategy... yes, there is a booklet of strategies. I just made some fine tuning lately. Since I started the reporting I didn't make major changes. Like I wrote, the sample is not big enough to make any conclusions. I hoped for a better start, but in the end you can't influence (negative) variance. At least 50% of the bad results is an unlucky outcome. The other 50% were mistakes. Without them I should be around breakeven... that gives me confidence, the strategy seems to work.

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