Thursday, 20 March 2014

ATP and WTA at Miami

After Indian Wells the best tennis players headed to Miami. The main tournament started today. Unfortunately the only trade I did (back María Teresa Torró Flor) was a loser. In the end this should not be a big problem, because there also will be winners. Today I saw in three or four games value, but for different reasons I didn't enter the matches.

The weirdest one were Goffin... why he was traded for 1.15 (after one break) against Zeballos? For me was so strange, that I thought there is something wrong with the Argentinian. In the end he won easy with 2:0 sets, but without a trade from my side...

Beside there were great comebacks of Baghdatis against Giraldo and Riske (against Kichenok). Okay, you need to be brave to enter late in the 3th set (or just a few points before match points) for the most attractive swings. The Colombian players seem not to have the best nerves, beside Giraldo also Falla lost after a strong first set (and just a few points away from the win). At least the third Colombian, Gonzalez, won quiet easy against Jaziri.

Soccer is becoming profitable. Unfortunately there are only a few games I can execute this strategy. At least I can make some bucks for "free bets" at tennis. At the moment it's important to watch a lot of tennis matches to improve the knowledge of players and markets. Only with the right feeling for value you can make profit in the long term. I am positive, but it needs time to make profits on a frequent level. Let's see how much money I will make at Miami. The start was not that good, but it's a lot of time left to go green...

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