Sunday, 23 March 2014

Not much value...

Today I didn't see much value at tennis. The TV coverage at Miami is pretty slim, so there are not that much trading opportunites like last week at Indian Wells. In the end I justed traded two matches (Andersson vs. Gasquet and Cibulkova vs. Cornet).

Andersson missed some breakpoint chances, so I scratched the trade. That was a good decision (because he lost), and I could recognize that my game reading is getting better. The entry point to lay Cibulkova was not the best one. Instead of waiting a bit more, I entered the market after the first set. It was not a good idea, because Cornet just missed four set points and the momentum was not on her side. Beside both ladies didn't serve well... so I should wait one more game, but the anxiety to miss an opportunity is still bigger than the patience to wait for the right moment. At least I recognized this problem and I can improve at this topic. The most important thing is the protection of the bank and not the (quick) growth. In comparison to a fulltime trader I have the advantage that trading is just my second source of income. So there is less force to make a trade.

At soccer I recognized that my strategy has one problem if the stupid rule with penalty, red card and goal takes place. Despite this fact, I still think the risk/reward-profile is quiet okay. In general I see more potential at tennis. So soccer will be definitely only my second source of income after tennis.

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