Sunday, 9 February 2014


Lately the account grew steady. Since the start of the year I am almost up 30%. The keys for this success are more discipline (inluded money management), clear strategies, pacience and diversity. Lately I traded soccer, basketball and tennis. While the tennis strategies are proven from Sultan, I am still working on the ones of soccer and basketball. To be honest I don't like so much the football market. In contrast to tennis or basketball is praying for the right outcome. Normally there are not many swings, so you need to pick the right winner. At tennis and basketball is a different story, you already make profit with a right swing. So I prefer these markets.

In general I see an advantage of diversity, including soccer. First is more interesting. To be honest, I couldn't watch and trade the whole day tennis. After some hours I get bored. So I can change to soccer or I trade even both markets at the same time.

How I wrote before, I am quiet confident now with the tennis strategies of Sultan. After a while you get comfortable with the value concept. Today I could make a nice trade with Fognini, some days ago with Kuznetsov (against Sijsling). Thanks to good game reading and close bad trades at the right time I won 75 Euros this week.

Soccer is still a lot of freestyle trading. Actually I don't like it so much, but with a profit of almost 100 Euro was the best section this week. I try to foucs on real strategies, but right now they don't work very well. I am not so worried about it, because soccer is only my third priority after tennis and basketball.

Last seven days I made a loss at NBA trading. I recognized that the strategies are too complicated and inflexible. Sometimes I missed a good trade (because I was not allowed to trade according the strategy rules), another time I made a bad one. So I am still working on the framework. I am quiet sure that it will work if I keep the system simple (like at tennis).

The trees are still not growing in the sky, but I can feel the progress. Despite not taking much risk, I already made in 2014 a ROI of almost 30%. At basketball, where I invested the most time, I am more or less breakeven. I am sure that I can improve there a lot.

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