Sunday, 23 February 2014

Quality over quantity...

After a small (NBA allstar) break I am back. At basketball I adjusted the strategy a little bit. It's too early to make a conclusion but the first results are promising. At tennis I had some discussions with Sultan and I recognized my biggest mistake. I was not enough selective, in other words I traded too much. As a part time trader this is a common problem. I felt often the pressure to make a bet, because I have more or less just the weekend for trading. A professional trader has the possibility to wait for the perfect moment, it doesn't matter if is on Monday, Tuesday or any other day.

Obviously is better to make just two good bets than four of which I lose two. So it's all about protection of the account and wait for the right moment. It's nothing new, but quality is definitely more important than quantity.

My best section is still soccer. The implemented strategies are strong, the only problem is the missing quantity of the games which fits to these systems. At least there is a good solution for this problem. If the strategy will work in the long term, I can rise the stakes. If is possible to make 100-200 Euros with one game, ten bets in a week are sufficient. Today I traded four games for a profit over 200 Euros... I am quiet confident that I am on the right way now, especially with soccer. Let's see what the Sunday will bring.

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