Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Terrible Superbowl...

What a terrible superbowl in the view of a Broncos fan! :-( Couldn't be worse... today at least the Avs (late comeback against Devils with an Overtime win) and the Nuggets (buzzer beater win with a 3 pointer against LA Clippers) could rehabilitate Denver sports. Beside my activitities as a supporter, I could make some good trades. At the superbowl was quiet easy to win some bucks after the terrible start of the Broncos. Probably a lot of punters were aware of a comeback in the second half. I was suprised that you still got 13% (1.13) for a Seahawks win after 30 minutes. Even as the game was 29:0 and the Broncos unfortunately still were looking terrible, you could back the Seahawks for 1.02 to 1.03. Sometimes even small odds can be value.

At basketball the small adjustments in the strategy (I wrote about it at the last posting) brought me back in the green zone. Even with three lost bets (Memphis, Utah and Portland) I arranged a profit of over 30 Euros. It could be more,  because I favoured the Denver Nuggets, but greed is not a good companion when you are trading. I am quiet happy with this night, despite I missed one of the best games (comeback of San Antonio). I see a slighy but steady progress. If I can improve further, I will rise soon my stakes. During February I will continue to test and adjust the system. If the yield and ROI keeps stable, I will go in with bigger money at the beginning of March.

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