Sunday, 2 February 2014


After really good first impressions I had a setback yesterday. Was really not a good night which turned the positive yield and ROI in negative KPIs. At this stage is not a problem. I am still in the learning process. On the contrary, it's great to improve the system. Would not be good to recognize with bigger amounts that is not working!

I had to determine that the implemented strategy is not flexible enough. There was a great opportunity to lay the Milwaukee Bucks at Memphis. Unfortunately was not allowed because there is a rule which forbids lays above 1.50. Beside I had a lack of discipline and didn't stop all the losting bets at the right time. So I lost additional 20 Euros. In general I like to work at the following issues:

  • More discipline with redding
  • More flexibility in extraordinary situations
  • Less flexibility in normal situations (sometimes I layed too high)

Tonight only superbowl counts. Let's go BRONCOS! I will not make a bet (even if I think the Broncos will make it), but as big Denver fan since years I am drilled about the game.

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