Thursday, 27 February 2014

Again indiscipline...

One again I couldn't handle my indiscipline. Instead of staying out a trade (the good opportunity always comes if you are enough patient), I decided to go in despite there is no such strategy...

In the end I lost with the "Lay Unquoted" at Schalke against Real Madrid. Real was really on fire. Instead of accpeting that lost, it got worse when I backed in the same game the "Under 6.5". I had enough time to green up (at 1.01), but in this kind of situacion I just wanted to have a green day (and this I could only manage with running the trade until the end). In the end Schalke scored the seventh goal just in the last second (what a shot!). Everybody know  the Murphy's Law... pissed with this result I tried another "Under-Bet". And you will not believe it, again the last goal (which killed my trade) was scored in the last second!! Was a Mexican cup game which was 2:2 until 93th minute. Again I could green it (just for a small win) seconds before. Just stupid in review, but this last painful lesson.

At least I could make a small profit at NBA. Tonight was easier that I expected. I backed Portland from the beginning (odd was really nice, even without Aldridge) and went for Dallas after the Mavs were trailing by seven.

Once again I had to see painful that trading is no one way street. You have to accept bad nights. If I don't learn this, I will never win in the long run. At least I am quiet confident about the strategies in all sports. I read at Cassini's blog that he trades more or less in the same way at NBA. So my approach can't be that wrong... :-)

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