Sunday, 6 April 2014


After some days without Internet I am back. The concentration on tennis brings the first fruits. Lately I was quiet successfull despite not trading that much. Nevertheless there is still missing the "killer instinct". 
  • Sometimes I am too careful to enter a trade. Is not that easy to find the right mix between overtrading and missing opportunities. In the beginning I traded too much. Not every small odd is a good lay. Sometimes even backing 1.01 can be value... Now I am thinking a bit too much. I should give more weight to the game reading. Yesterday the game reading told me that the odds for Date-Krumm (after first set) and Bencic (after break in 3th set) are too low. On the other hand I was thinking that they can/will win the match. At this moment I was not trading, but betting. You always have to think that trading is not about picking winners, it's about seeking value. For exmaple... if you win 97 of 100 bets with an odd of 1.01 your win/lose-ratio is looking quiet impressive (97:3), but you lose money.
  • If a trade turns green I am a bit lost. Sometimes I put all the profit on one player (like yesterday Federer/Wawrinka) and sometimes I share the green. In general I don't trade really well after I reached the profit zone.
If the good run continues I will rise my stakes. At the moment I normally risk not more than 0.5% (of the account) per trade.

Time will tell if I can trade tennis one day as a professional. Rising stakes and improve market / player knowledge are the parametres which are decisive.

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