Tuesday, 2 September 2014


"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better" - Stan Wawrinka tattooed this quote of Samuel Beckett on his arm. With will you can achieve a lot. "Stan the man" reached the top of the tennis world and won the Australian Open. My new slogan is the same quote.
Lately I learned that a printscreen it's worth nothing. You can fake it without any problems. So don't believe what you are seeing at Internet. I was a victim of a scammer which knows how to use photoshop and lightshot. At least he has a strong knowledge of trading (in theory), and I learned some new approaches. I will finish my strategy guide next days.

Yes, I failed... but Stan Wawrinka showed what is possible if you don't give up. It was a painful lesson, and my trust in people suffered.

This story has two consequences:

  • I will not post anymore profit&loss statements at this blog. In the worst case a scammer misuse them. Beside these printscreens are no real proof about the performance.
  • I only get in closer contact with people which shows their real face over Skype. I am interested in a real partnership.

That's it. I hope that the daily routine will start after this post. I will keep you informed about my development as a trader.


  1. Hello trader
    i follow your blog since long time and i feel sorry to hear that you have been scammed
    did you lost your money in sultan academy?
    myself i am part time trader
    let me know if you can help me in tennis trading

  2. Sultan is a scammer and his profits are 100% fake (he never traded live; never wanted that students know each other), but at least he wrote a guide which is worth some pounds (and a more or less useless email support). I am sure that you know the guy which scammed me quiet well ;-). He can help you with trading...

    About this blog... I will not publish more anonymous postings. This was the last one. If somebody is interested in a serious contact, please reply with a valid email-adress.

  3. at all@ I can't talk much more about this scam. First of all I like to go back to daily routine, and second his name is just fake. He is a quiet successful scammer since years. He already deleted his fake facebook profile. He changes his identity like other people panties. I just can tell you, never trust any p+l statements and fake id card. Real traders like Mark Iverson or Cassini never would show detailed profit statements. At least he knows (in theory) a lot of trading and I could improve my skills...

  4. Hi Brulati,

    I am the guy that asked your email the other day on this blog. The reason was that I wanted to listen your opinion about the Sultan Academy because I was about to make the mistake to buy the manual.

    Fortunately, I found a little suspicious that he lowered its price.

    Furthermore, when I saw this post, I saw the light ;-)

    To tell you the truth, this guy is good. When I first read his blog, I have been completely fooled. It was only when I read a blog stating that he was a real scammer that I began having second thoughts about it.

    Just a piece of advice from an older guy: just forget and move on. It is the wise and most difficult thing to do.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Miguel

      Thanks for your posting. Sultan is a small scammer... he sells an overpriced package, nothing more and nothing less. He makes good marketing and in the end you have to decide if you like to pay for a so called exclusive package which everybody can have.

      The guy which scammed me, plays in an other league. I will move on. Now it's taks of the police. Even if they don't catch him, he will live in fear the next months. If there is a serious investigation, he will go to jail for sure.

      Regards and all the best,


  5. I am sorry about your disaster -- I hope you haven't lost too much money.

    In 19 years I have not bought one system that worked or one tipster who

    I think you have made the right decision doing everything yourself.

    I wish you every success and still enjoy the blog

    Best wishes


    1. Hello Malcolm

      In the end there is no free lunch. If somebody has an edge, he will not share it. Right now I am doing everything myself (together with a partner) and I see how much work it is. If the profits will come, I would definitely not share this knowledge! No successful trader would sell his advantage... if you can buy tips or a strategy, it's a clear sign that is nothing special. Real insider know how, you can't buy!



  6. Hi Martin,

    I seem to have problem with e-mailing you, is your email box OK ?


  7. Can you comment a bit more about the sultan academy? What has made you think he is a scammer? Other people who intend to buy his trading guide may benefit from your opinion. Thanks and glad to see you blogging again.

    1. First of all I have to say that Sultan is just a small scammer in my opinion. I am referring to another one which fake facebook profile, fake id, fake profits and different accounts.

      About Sultan... It's a question of the price. Some people seem happy to spend 500 pound for a strategy guide (in my opinion not worth than 50 pounds) and a email support (not worth more than 100 pounds). Why I think he is a scammer... he never wanted to show any profit&loss statement real time (just some printscreens with no name), he never wanted that the students know each other and he never gave any indications before the game.

      Beside it's quiet curious that he limits the academy and suddenly he starts again. Also his blog is a typical story how you can trust people.

      If he is a real successful trader, he would act more open. He has 100 excuses why he doesn't trade live or doesn't meet people in real life. The good thing.. at least you get some value for your 500 pounds. The other scammer just stole my money.

  8. Hi Brulati, it's good to see you are blogging again. I like your blog, there is some good stuff here. So if my understanding is correct someone else scammed you beside Sultan. That must have been the guy from France you mentioned in your blog. Sorry to hear that. There is loads of scammers out there. One need to be very cautious when it comes to paying any money for some mentoring or some guides etc. Like mentioned before if someone is succesful in trading there is no need to sell anything... Just wanted to drop my 2 cents about Sultan's trading academy. I am a member of it and although I agree with you that is
    far overpriced I cannot say if he is a scammer or not. For sure he has knowledge of trading and tennis. But as a member I wouldnt reccommend his services to anyone. What he offers is nothing exclusive. It all boils down to the knowledge of players which you'll have to obtain by yourself and to enter the market at short price which represents value. The whole concept of value he explains very vaguely. I'm sure he sells his services to anyone who is willing to pay and not like he said only to some closed number of people... So if you want to get aboard the trading train I reccommend everyone to choose hard way, watch the matches follow the price, get to know players, and get information about what is value and of course some math knowledge would be an asset too.

    1. Hello Kris

      Yes, it was the guy of Lyon I mentioned in this blog. Obviously he is not living there... I was not enough careful, because he knows a lot of trading. So I trusted too much. I don't know if he is a successful trader or is only knowledge of theory. Actually I think he is not really successful, in other case there is no need to scam people. If he is successful it would be even worse! In the end this guy is my biggest disappointment of life, cause he played a dirty game of my trust. The day he goes to jail I will make a big party! :-)

      I have my doubts that Sultan is a successful trader. The strategies are very basic, nothing special. Actually is more or less just laying too low odds after breaks. Of course he sells his service to everybody that is interested. I would not say that he is a big scammer, but he sells an overpriced package and there is no real proof that he is a succesful trader. I have my doubts. If you are new at trading, it can help. In my opinion ,Tradeshark is more helpful. He has a good description of top50 ATP/WTA players and has similar strategy package. Beside he is really helpful. Price is also okay.



  9. I'd just like to say first of all, welcome back!

    Secondly, just because someone offers a service does not mean they are a scammer.

    Even if they offer trading advice it doesn't mean that, I've known numerous poker players who have sold packages (I went from a winning player at small stakes to consistent winner at medium stake levels when I used to play), that have helped a lot of people, sure the games become harder but you always have to adapt and the reward they get is a consistent stream of money coming in also.

    Basically, I do agree and disagree with some things you say. Yes, you have to be careful what your paying for (I would never pay £500 for a course like The Sultan's, for that you should be getting video's showing and explaining different trades, live sessions, error finding lessons etc at a minimum).

    However, I would say from experience that trading 'courses' are so lacking compared to poker one's it's unreal.

    If someone is selling something, always ask to look at there track history. The Sultan for example should have no problem showing his P/L figures for a year (at the least), if he is asking people to part with that money, or anyone else for that matter. If someone won't, stay away :)