Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A small setback

The project "Ultimo" accelerates more and more. Thanks the great IT knowledge of my partner, we are capable to collect a lot more data in a shorter time frame. Today we could add around ten more matches to the database. In the next step we will analyze all data and compare them with the strategies (backtesting).

I had not the best trading day. I started with Garcia-Lopez against Djokovic. Despite Novak was not playing his best match (especially in the beginning) the Spaniard had no chance. He lost 2:6, 1:6. That was disappointing after the great fight he gave Nole some months ago at Monte Carlo. I lost 20 Euros...

Afterwards I traded Rafa against Gasquet. The ATP tour comeback of Nadal was impressive. I could manage a small green in the first set. If Richard could give a harder fight in the second set, the profit would be nice. In the end I made a profit of around 20 Euros, so I was breakeven at lunch time.

In the afternoon we saw a typical Murray game with a slow start and a great comeback. That's (normally) a good scenario for a trader. My entry worked quiet well, but I was not capable to ride the swings as good as possible. I made a profit of 15 Euros.

The last game I traded was Gulbis vs. Fognini. I expected a match with a lot of emotions and complaining. The Latvian was so strong (at serve) that the meeting was too onesided to inflame the temperament of these two players. Unfortunately I made a mistake and opened my position too late in the first set. I started the 2nd set with a red position and was basically betting on Fabio. Perhaps he was even value at almost 10, but I didn't go with my gut feeling. Instead of cutting the loss, I hoped for a turnaround. In the end the loss was bigger than it should be. Thanks to an adequate money management nothing serious happened. Since the start I am still in profit (see chart below).

Like I wrote in the last post, a swallow doesn't make a spring. Today I had to recognize that I am definitely not over the mountain yet. I take the good things out of this day. We collected a lot data for the project "Ultimo", and beside I could improve the strategies.

Tomorrow I will not trade much, because I have to work in my regular job. The next action day will be at Thursday. I look forward to return in the green zone. Keep greening, traders!    


  1. Nice to see you are doing well. Keep writing blog , it is very helpful to people like me. :) . Since I am in same traiding level like you,
    can we share some ideas and strategy by E-mail

    1. Hello Goran

      Thanks for your feedback. Of course we can share some ideas. Contact me with email at grandslamtrading@gmx.ch.

      Regards, Brulati