Sunday, 7 September 2014


The last post brought some waves. I have to clarify some things. Sultan was not the scammer I mentioned! He sells a service (strategy guide and email support) which has his price. Everybody has to decide if it's a good deal or not. For my taste 500 pounds is too expensive. In the meantime he lowered the price, so the value could be better. I just have my doubts that he is a successful trader. There are no real proofs that he makes money with trading and why in the hell you sell your strategies to competitors?! In the beginning he told that's an exclusive offer, and now he opens the door even more. For me this is smelly, but I would not say that he is a real scammer, he just takes advantage of good marketing.

My scammer plays in another league and is a real criminal. Since more than five years he tricks people with wrong identity, fake profit & loss statements, wrong facebook profile and different neteller and probably betfair accounts. I just can warn you once again, be aware of him! Don't trust anybody which says something like this: "I am myself full time tennis trader and manage wallet for betfair customers...". If something is looking to good to be true, there is something wrong. I can't believe that this scammer is that stubborn that he tries to steal more of my money. Greed is the beginning of the end. Enough is enough! Now it's not my problem anymore, it's issue of the police. If somebody likes to play with the fire, it's his risk. I lost money, but that is still better than going in the jail or live always in the fear to be caught. That is the last posting about scamming. I am really pissed, but life and trading has to continue.

With a real partner I am working on a database and a strategy guide. Beside I will rise my stakes. I know that the readers are interested in numbers and profit & loss statements. For me was the same, when I was reading the blog of Sultan. I will let you know about my development. I will do it with excel charts. In the end you can fake them as good as betfair statements. I never will sell anything, so I think you can trust me. :-)  I have no itention to lie...

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  1. The Gambling world's full of chancers, plenty of scammers in the horse racing side of things all offering courses, ebooks, live chats for £27 with as many as can be packed in. All backed up with the flimsiest of proof, usually one off wins, cherry picked videos, never covering a full period or showing the full picture. Half of them don't even win or pay PC charges but the greedy and stupid will always fall for it, not much you can do other than avoid being trapped yourself, tbh

    There used to be a lot of decent trading blogs but these days it seem to be just a way of pulling in punters after a few months getting some online reputation. Good luck on the strategy guide.