Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Project Ultimo

Let's call this project "Ultimo". It's the last try to become a successful trader. If I am not successful until the end of year 2015 my trading career failed. What happened so far and what are the future targets? I will talk about that in this post.

In the summer 2013 I decided to become a part time trader. I started to watch tennis games and made my internet research. Amongst other I found the blog of Sultan (http://centrecourttrading.blogspot.ch) and TradeSharks tips (http://blog.tradesharktennis.com). Beside I still traded soccer and other sports. Around one year ago I joined Sultan's trading academy and I started to focus on tennis. Perhaps I was a bit too harsh against Sultan after I was scammed from the other guy. I would say that the price for his package was too high, but it was my own will to pay this money. I still have my doubts that he is a successful trader, but in the end it's not my business. Without any doubts, Sultan and TradeShark gave me ideas, how I can trade tennis.

During the time at Sultan's trading academy I reached stage 3 of betfair trading: http://www.geekstoy.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1589. At this time I thought I was already at stage 4, but I was definitely not. Unfortunately not, then in other case I would not be scammed. In May, where the "professional trader" came in my life, I was struggling. With some theory of trading, faked p+l statements and a wrong identity card, he won my trust. I don't want to go again deeper in the details, in other case I have to vomit. I never before had so much disrespect for a person. At least he gave me some ideas of trading, but an internet research would be the cheaper option.

With a serious partner I started the project "Ultimo" two weeks ago. With the knowledge I acquired in the last months, I reached the level 4 of betfair trading. We are still in the beginning of the marathon, but the progress is obvious. Yesterday I traded the US Open final between Cilic and Nishikori. Despite a bad scenario for a trader (very one sided match) and some trading mistakes, I managed a small profit. Meanwhile the strategy guide contains 18 pages and is getting better and better. Beside we create a big database with price developments during the matches. Until the start of the new season we like to finish this step. Aside I start to trade with bigger stakes. We defined the money management quiet conservative, so I am not afraid of this rise. A 1% loss of the bank per trade is the worst what can happen.

The next big matches are at the upcoming weekend. The Davis Cup half final will take place. Switzerland will host Italy and Czech Republic will meet France in the other match of last four teams. Perhaps it will bring some trading opportunities. I look forward to interesting matches. Hopp Schwiiz, go for the final Roger and Stan!


  1. Good luck Brulati! I am like you a part time trader in Betfair. I pass all the levels of what NOT to do and now I almost trade like a professional. Disipline and to now perfectly the market I think are the two most important thing to trade. Why no trade it´s almost the best option and to now where are going to be the odds it´s "X" things happen or "Y" things happen it´s the clue for all to me. I love your blog, and I like me I am sure that a lot of people think the same.

    We can make a group and see all of us some value in the next matches. For example for tomarrow I like vey much Gasquet if he raise to 3.20 in the earlier games and Coric at 4.00 in the same situation.

    Cheers from Chile,


  2. We have recently been made aware of several incidents where customers have shared their Betfair account details (including usernames and passwords) with a third party who has promised to trade on the customers’ account and generate large returns. Despite what they may claim, such third parties are not approved, endorsed or associated with Betfair in any way and typically result in the customers involved losing their money.

    We would therefore like to remind all customers to keep your Betfair username and password strictly confidential and never share them with any third party. If your username and password is shared in this manner, then under our terms and conditions, Betfair will be entitled to assume that you have personally carried out the activity on your account.

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