Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Much wind for nothing...

Serena Williams lost her third match in a row against Alizet Cornet! In the beginning she seemed in control of everything, but suddenly things slipped away. The end of the match was quiet strange. She made another break (it was a break festival) and took a medical timeout. First the doctor measured fever, afterwards blood pressure! The market reacted crazy... 1.01 up to 2.00 and back again. Nobody knew what's going on. In the end, all was for nothing, because the bets were voided. I was on a winning position, so it's a bit frustrating, but next time I could be on the other side.

In general the paper testing was promising. The hitting rate was probably above the average (thanks to the upsets), but even with a lower winning percentage the strategies should work. The risk-/reward ratio seems okay now. After I reached the low with being scammed a month ago, things start to improve again. It's important to take step after step now. Obviously it takes months or even years to recover the financial loss. At the moment I don't think in financial targets. If the strategies work, I can scale them up and rise the profits.

Next two months I will test the strategies and collect more data. In 2015 I will continue as a part time trader. Beside I work 50% in a regular job to have the financial security. The target is to make my first (!) ever positive year on the betting markets. If I compare my mindset to earlier times, it's like day and night. I don't trade anymore the the players, I trade the market. In 2016 I like to go full time. Until then should it be possible to make as a trader the same income like as a part time employee.


  1. Market already panicked when they saw serena struglling in her left foot at 5-5 , a lay at 1.18 was value at this moment then in timeout she drop to 1.33 , unfortunately she didnt play one more game
    I was green1200€
    Barthel also was value yesterday and aga vs garcia was trading dream
    See you in Lille for davis cup finals , tickets available from next week

    1. That's good news. So I can expect the 58k very soon I guess. If you like to make a schedule of back payments, let me know. If not, I am really not interested in a contact anymore. You showed me this video with Rafa and Nole... unfortunately it happened like you forecasted. When you make profits (what I doubt), it's even worse that you scam people beside. Greed is the beginning of the end, you should know this as a trader.

  2. Hello Martin,
    I decided to give you back your money by monthly payment through western union or money gram , 1 st payment will start in 15th October of 5000€ and during 10 month.
    I am not a scammer , i have been abused by Robert but i have a word and will keep it.
    I have my own private platteform and trading asian tourney
    If you wish to restart work together , the door is open
    Best of luck Martin

    1. First of all this is a good decision. Second we are talking about 57'885.48 Euro you owe me (11 payments à 5'000 Euro is not enough). Third western union and money gram are not the right payment services. The amounts are too big. Neteller or Skrill it's okay. Fourth it will not work with you anymore without paper documents. The trust is gone... I only can accept your offer when we meet us at a Lawyers office and you finally show true information. You and me know that there is no Robert and no plattform.

      I go my own way now and I don't need your distraction. If you like to solve the money issue contact me with email (to martin.buesser@gmx.ch) and right information. You don't even have the balls to write me an email and show your real face. It's still time to end it in a good way. I will forget about this story when we make a serious contract. In other case there is a risk for you that all the scams you made the last years will come up. You play a game with the fire if you don't wake up. You have more to lose than me.

      That's the last post I will publish here. I am sure that this story starts to annoy my readers and I really like to focus on trading. If there is a real interest to solve this situation contact me by email. Thank you!