Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Strategy development

After the scam the daily routine comes in again. Nevertheless I like to publish a comment of betfair on my blog:

"We have recently been made aware of several incidents where customers have shared their Betfair account details (including usernames and passwords) with a third party who has promised to trade on the customers’ account and generate large returns. Despite what they may claim, such third parties are not approved, endorsed or associated with Betfair in any way and typically result in the customers involved losing their money.

We would therefore like to remind all customers to keep your Betfair username and password strictly confidential and never share them with any third party. If your username and password is shared in this manner, then under our terms and conditions, Betfair will be entitled to assume that you have personally carried out the activity on your account."

Back to trading... in general I suggest to go your own way. Lately I read a lot of strategy guides. They are not bad, but trading is a personal topic. One person is more cautious than the other. This fact influences the money management and placing stop losses while trading. Beside there are technical and emotional traders. The first ones like chart analysis, the second ones prefer trading with gut feeling.

Bruce Lee combined different fighting techniques and produced a better one. This is also my approach, that's the reason for the blogs name Bruce Lay. I try to combine scalping with swing- and over value-trading. The strategies are a mix between chart analysis and gut feeling. The money management is more conservative as in the past and described in other guides. The strategy starts to fit my taste.

In summary I would say that the strategy is something individual. You can't copy and paste from another trader. You should develop your own approach. It's time consuming, but in the end you will be comfortable with it.

Next weeks the main tournaments are played in Asia. Unfortunately the matches are played very early in the morning (European time). I will try to wake up early and change my rhythm. I think this could be even harder than to improve my trading skills. :-)


  1. Welcome back (again).

    Do you have a E-Mail address I contact you with, can't see one anywhere?