Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Craziest game ever?!

I saw crazy soccer in my life, but this one was probably the most curious one ever. Today played Liverpool against Crystal Palace. The Reds scored in the 53th minute the 0:3, so everything was ready for a great finish to improve the goal difference in the championship race against Manchester City (and Chelsea). They were so dominant, it was just a question of time until Liverpool scores the 0:4, 0:5 or 0:6. Crystal Palace was dead and not at all interested in this match. Out of the blue the home team scored in the 79th minute 1:3. Nothing happend, just a small accident... Everybody thougt at this moment that Pool will win 1:4 or 1:4, in the worst case 1:3. Again counterattack and boom, there was the 2:3!! How this can happen?! At this point the Reds were still winning, so not so much happened. To close the goal difference gap to Manchester City was just a dream, so a win it's okay as well. Now the nerves were gone... and the equalizer was not such a surprise anymore. Was the logical consequence.

The 3:3 was traded for 1'000! Unfortunately the 0:3 came too early for me (53th minute), so I had to secure some higher scores for Liverpool. In the end these insurances destroyed my profit (and I lost a bit), but could be worse when there would be a 3:4 or 4:3. This match showed that soccer sometimes brings the crazier swings than tennis.

Despite or let's better say thanks to these kind of matches the correct score market can be really interesting. Today I lost my trade, but as a learning I will secure in the future these very unprobable scores for 1-2 Euros (would be enough to make a huge win today).

At tennis I just traded one game. Like (almost) you can trust "never giving up" Hewitt. Like I expected he won a set against Giraldo. Leyton is just a great sportsman. In earlier days I expected that he will be more successful than Federer. He was the youngest number 1 ever. Even when he "only" won two Grand Slam titles, he is one of the biggest fighter this game ever saw. I hope that he will part of the ATP tour some years more.

Tomorrow Thiem will play against Stan Wawrinka. In my eyes we can expect a really interesting battle. For odds around 1.17 Stan is a lay in my opinion... I know Stanimal just won Monte Carlo, but in my opinion he is still not the guy you can trust for this kind of odds against a rising star.



  1. Looks like Thiem won, he was one of my selections for my betting also, so it added a nice profit for my results so far for betting!

  2. Yes, I was also on Thiem, but I didn't trade that well. If the Austrian would win the first set, would be better for me. I didn't want to destroy my good day, so I was very cautious. Next time I will trade this kind of game different. It's better to stake it smaller (at the beginning) and let it run in every case to the end or the point you are (big) green.