Monday, 27 January 2014

Coudn't trade much...

Thanks to Nation Zoom I couldn't trade much last night. I had this virus (despite I didn't know it) since some weeks, but was not that disturbing. This night was really a hell, the computer was slow, adds like crazy... So I started to search about Nation Zoom. In the end I recognized that was a browser hijacker. Not really a serious one, but a very annoying.

So I missed a really good game for trading. Cleveland was ahead with twenty points and lost in the end to Phoenix with 90:99. The only game I could do before the virus problems got worse was San Antonio at Miami. I entered at half time (San Antonio was trailling with six points). After a decent start in the third quarter the Spurs lost the plot. Because I was chatting during the trading time, I missed the exit point. In the end I lost the whole stake. The difference between a yield of -65% and -100% seems not that much on a liability of 20 Euros but in the longterm leaving bad trades is one crucial point for a successful trader.

Beside I was thinking about backtesting some NBA games. With Fracsoft ( is possible to create big data banks. You pay 11 pence per game. An analysis of data can help to have a better feeling for your strategies, but in the end is still sports. Every game is different. In my opinion too automatic trading doesn't work in the long term... so I just watched some charts to have a better idea what swings are possible in a normal game. I made my conclusion and adjusted my exit-points a bit. Beside I watched my current data (almost 100 games) and I recognized that there are around 70% games with decent swings (included one sided dog surprises) and around 30% which are one sided favourite games.

This week I am quiet busy. Instead of 50% I will work more or less every day. So I don't know, how much I can trade. I will try my best to gain more experience. The target of this season is learning. 2014/15 I like to make profits on a frequent level.

After the Australian Open tennis (WTA) is played at Paris and Pattaya. Especially the playing ours in France are more my taste that the ones the last two weeks. I will a keep an eye on this tournament. Beside NBA I lost a bit the focus on tennis. I love to return, because the strategies are proved ones. At basketball I am still trading with the method "trial and error". Under this aspect is probably better to invest more time at tennis.

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