Friday, 3 January 2014

NBA: Lay 1'000 crashed...

Sometimes betting is just crazy. I don't know if it was a professional (which was seeking for easy money) or a beginner which placed this trade. I only know that the guy which did it will not have a good night.

33 Euros were traded at 1'000! I don't know who is risking 16'500 Euros to get 16.50 back if the bet is a winner?! I mean in basketball everything is possible. How I can remember, Orlando was leading with nine points two or three minutes before the end. It's an open secret that the last minutes at basketball can last forever. In the end Cleveland won the game in Overtime... what is the lesson? Don't bet against the big surprise. Beside also Oklahoma was hammered with 1.01..

I am not gloating, I really feel sorry for the person which lost this bet. In my past I also lost one or two painful bets (lately one with Manchester City... when three goals were scored in five minutes) with a back 1.01. I learned my lesson, since then I am really aware for backing low odds. I am quiet sure, in long term you will lose.

Beside this trade my ones are laugher. I traded four games and won 12.43 Euro. More or less the amount the above mentioned guy wanted to win with his lay 1'000 bet. In comparison to this trade I didn't take much risks, nevertheless I was not that happy with the outcome. A lot of missed opportunities (Oklahoma and San Antonio lost as big favourites; Orlando was crashed with the mentioned lay 1'000) and beside ny strategies were not fitting the game that good. I thought that I can copy the ones of tennis, but is not that easy... is a different game and because there is a limited duration of game you have to consider the time aspect as well.

Now I defined six strategies for the different stages of game. I can't go in the details here (for obvious reasons), but in general is the opposite which the guy did that I described in the beginning. It's about laying low and backing high. Now mistery, keep it simple and with low risk. That are probably the most important points in trading.

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