Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lack of sleep...

I recognized that is almost impossible to trade at night and work beside, even if is only 50%. The body will complain about it. You feel tired, you have headaches and so on. The problem is the different rhythm. If you have a day off at Thursday, you can trade the Wednesday night basketball... but you will sleep the following day. When you wake up is afternoon and you will not be tired to go again to bed at midnight. So is like a daily jet lag. When I have the whole knowlegde for my part time job, I have to look for a better solution. Perhaps I can work one week 4-5 days and the following week I will be out of office. I will see... Midterm is still the plan to become a full time trader.

The other problem is the lack of motivation to stay awake the whole night for just a few bucks. It's about money management. I know that is right not risk more than 2-3% of the account for one trade. You can remember, my bank was hit really hard. So at the moment is just not enough money to trade in a serious way with bigger stakes. On the other hand it's also recommend with a big account to test a new strategy with just a few Euros.

In general I made my learnings of the last weeks. Like I wrote recently is important to rise the yield per game, because you have to cover the bad trades (which definitely will happen with this strategy). In general I am quiet happy with the adjustments I did. How you can see below, I made seven trades. Four bets I lost and three I won. Despite the negative win/loss-ratio I managed to make a profit. So I am on the right way I guess. Beside a redding strategy helped me to prevent losses of the whole stake.

At soccer I arranged a small profit as well. I love football, but is really hard to trade. So it's just my third priority after NBA and tennis. With my friend together I implemented one really good strategy. I think I will only do this one in the future. In the past I tried a lot, but nothing (beside the mentioned strategy) worked like I wanted.

Tonight I will take a break because the problem I mentioned in the beginning. Tomorrow is Friday Night basketball with the weekend ahead. At tennis trading I will return next week. After Australian Open I took a small break to get new energy.

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