Saturday, 11 January 2014

Trade save, don't be greedy!

Before the NBA games started I was searching for some surprises. I thought that especially Brooklyn can beat the current champion Miami Heat. In the end the Nets did it after second overtime. Before the tip in, Miami was a 1.50 favourite. Beside I thought that Washington can make a close game against Indiana. In the beginning they did. In the end they had no chance to win. They made only 66 points and lost 66:93...

Atlanta came back after a very weak start against Houston. Also Chicago won after a comeback. The same happened at Memphis. Some teams were behind almost since the beginning, for example the Lakers. But even they were one time ahead (3:0 just after start)... same scenario with Utah and Orlando.

It's kind of strange, that was not possible to make profit with so many swings. It's obvious that the strategies still not work properly. The greed is too present. I recognized that is quiet important to get "green books" in the beginning. If I would realize the book gain at Indiana's game, the night would be okay. So the conclusion of the night is:

Trade save, don't be greedy! Don't let open the first trade too long.

Was a "red night" again, but at the moment is more important to learn. Tomorrow is the next chance to perform better. I am quiet sure that I am now at the point where things start to improve.

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