Sunday, 5 January 2014

Trading night

My friend and his girlfriend came from Germany to make a visit in Z├╝rich. Of course in the night couldn't miss a NBA trading session. Let's face it, the profit was not huge, but at least we made some bucks. More important were the fun and die ideas we could share together.

Now we are quiet sure that basketball is a really great sports to trade. Even if we didn't do the best trades (yes, we are just beginners), we were more than breakeven in the end. Now we adjusted our s strategies and will test them in the next few months.

 Unfortunately next days I will not have so much time to trade. I start my new job which is a pleasure for me. It will give me the financial security for trading. To start as full time trader is too early in the moment. In year 2014 I will definitely stay part time. If it works like I hope and guess, it's planned to go fulltime one day. I don't set any financial targets at the moment, because it would have a negative influence on my trading. For sure I like to make one day with trading as much as I earned in my last job. At the moment is just a dream... beside is not all about money. You need your happyness at job, because you spend so much time at office. I am happier now. I earn less, but I can spend the time more in the way I like.

Back to bettting... beside NBA I trade tennis matches. Australian Open will start soon. Nadal and Wawrinka showed with tournament wins, that they are ready. Roger Federer lost the final in Brisbane against Hewitt. I guess that his slow slump will continue. Perhaps he will win one more grand slam tournament, but unfortunately his best times are definitely over. I was impressed about the performance of Monfils at Doha. Will be interesting to see how he will perform in Austalia. At WTA is all about Williams. At the moment I see nobody which can compete with her. Ivanovic played a good tournament at Auckland. Can she be a suprise at the first grand slam tournament of the year?!

You see, january will be a very interesting month for tennis and basketball traders. Let's see how I can develop in the first month of year. I keep you informed...

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