Friday, 3 January 2014

Quiet frustrating day...

Normally I don't make three postings a day, but today is a special occasion. I am around 24 hours  in front of the computer (now I start to get tired :-)) and just missed the biggest opportunity. What a game between Paire and Granollers. First was all Granollers, Paire was trading at the beginning of 2nd set around 8. Later in the set changed the momentum and the odd of Paire was dipping to 1.01... in the end of the third set it changed everything again and Granollers won in the tiebreak!

Was bad luck for me, all the other good opportunites I tried, but there was no winner. Sometimes there were three missed break points or just a too late comeback. Definitely the worst part is the fact that I had to leave the house just at the time Granollers and Paire were playing. When I came back, the opportunities were gone.

In one day a crashed lay 1'000 at Basketball and a perfect rollercoaster in tennis, that's amazing. Sultan is right, you just have to stay patient for the right opportunity. Unfortunately I had today a bad timing to sit in front of the computer. But well, the life as a trader continues. There is no time to be angry about a missed trade. You have to focus on the next opportunity. I hope there will be at least one tonight at NBA. To be really ready in around seven hours, I will take some rest now and will sleep a bit.

Stay tuned! Updates will follow soon...

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  1. Like you said, you will get other opportunities the next time round when you come to trade, just have to be patient, Granollers match looked good, I missed this one also! :)