Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Things are getting promising...

After a slow start in the year 2014 and a lack of discipline in 2013 things start to get better. Especially the concentration on NBA was a good decicion. Lately I am on a 7-0 run. I love the game, it's fast and exciting. There are just a few games which are one sided from the start to the end. If you sort out these matchups, nice swings are waiting for you. In my opinion is even better than tennis because you are not dependent on one player. It's quiet unusual that the whole team has a bad day...  the only thing you have to be aware is the time clock. Is not worth it to take a 1.01 lay six minute before the end when Miami is leading with 20 points... The liquidity on NBA betfair markets is decent. Beside the problem of courtsiders doesn't exist. Even if you are at the stadium, the game is just too quick to have an advantage. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/tennis/open-courtsiders-are-gambling-with-lengthy-sentences.23190170

Beside some changes in strategy, I adjust my money management. Of course it's tempting to make 100 Euros or more at each trade, but with my account it's just too risky. My account is my working tool, so I can't blow it again. Despite every trader is a bit jealous about a trade like this:

Congratulation, Matt! I decided to invest at most 6% of my account for one trade. I try to keep the liability low. In the other hand the profits are limited as well. In general I learned that betting is not a 100 metre sprint, it's more like a marathon. If you are patient enough, you will double the "Usain Bolts" after I while... :-)

The most important point remains the value concept. Sometimes is hard to go for a player or team you don't expect to win. It's all about probabilities... the problem at sports betting, they are not that obvious like at casino or playing dice. You need a lot of experience and knowledge of teams and players to see it. I feel some progress, but is still a long way to go for beeing a professional trader. For the moment I am quiet happy with my current results you find below. The American football bet was just a security for eliminating my favourite team, the Denver Broncos :-). Despite the lost bet I am really happy to see them in the Super Bowl!

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