Monday, 13 January 2014

Things are improving...

Like I hoped, things are starting to improve. Despite poor performances of my picks (for example Atlanta or Cleveland today) I could manage the last two nights "green books". Some days ago I picked the right winners (even underdogs) but in the end I lost my trades. What changed? I think the main point are the improved understanding of market movements and the better knowledge of the teams. Beside I trade saver, in general I stay out of the game in the 4th quarter. Thanks the higher volatility you can make a lot of money at the end of match, but is no serious trading.

While NBA is getting better and better I am still struggling at soccer. After a market maker pushed down the odd pre game, I layed Liverpool. Unfortunately was not a good decicion. It seems that is not a good idea to go against a strong favourite, especially at the day which the match is played.

Beside the first round of Australian Open take place at the moment. A lot of games are played, it's a good opportunity to improve the knowledge of players which you don't see everyday. On the other hand the liquidity of the markets is not the best. To be honest... perhaps is better for me. At the moment I try to learn with small amounts. I don't like to have a bigger liability than 50 Euros. This night I did quiet well. Depends on the final outcome I am green between 15 and 50 Euros. In comparison to my current account I am happy with this result.

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