Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lazy French and crazy stuff at Stuttgart

First of all I like to quote a text which Tradeshark wrote in his players database about Nicolas Mahut: "Like a lot of Frenchman his motivation to get the win can be hard to determine". I start to doubt about the fighting spirit of a lot of French (tennis) players. Yesterday Chardy "stopped" to play after he lost the first set, today we saw the same procedure with Mahut. He lost against Paul-Henri Mathieu after a solid first set (4:6) without any fight in the second set 4:6, 1:6.

Well, I wrote it yesterday and I just can repeat it. I don't blame these players for losing my bets. For me it's just a lack of professionalism when you don't work hard for a good result. You can lose after a fight, that's okay for me.

Fight it's the right keyword. Did you see the match between Safarova and Sharapova? Wow, what a terrific battle! Safarova lost the first set in the tiebreak. She was 3:0 ahead in the 2nd set, lost this lead and could fight back to win the upcoming tiebreak. In the third set she missed two breakpoints, ten minutes later she was 1:5 down. Did she tank like the French men?! No not at all... she has so much character, she fought like crazy and won five games in a row for a 6:5 lead. What a great lay Sharapova would be (at least until Safarova was 6:5 ahead). Unfortunately (nothing against the Russian girl, but I like Safarova a lot) Masha found her game again when everything was looking terrible for her. In the end she won 7:6, 6:7, 7:6. For me that was the WTA match of the year so far! I like the fighting spirit of both girls... if I would be the coach of Mahut or Chardy I would show them some videos of these girls. If they would not learn to fight, I would kick their ...

My trading was quiet good today. Beside the wrong trust in Mahut, I thought that Matosevic can give Robredo a good resistance. Despite he tried, Tommy was too strong. Of course the Spaniard is the better player on clay, but after the win of the Aussie against Sousa I expected a bit more. Beside I had good trades at the following games: Seppi vs. Berlocq, Nishikori vs. Bautista Agut, Safarova vs. Sharapova and Barthel vs. Jankovic. There would be even more possibilities (Thiem vs. Granollers, Istomin vs. Bellucci, Ungur vs. Popisil). I couldn't trade all of them. Sometimes you need a break (actually I went to the airport) and beside I prefer not to make parallel bets.

In summary I am quiet happy with the day. I learned more about players, especially French ones. ;-) Beside I made some decent profit, and I am back to green in the year to date view. Last but not least I found out, that "in and out trading" can be a nice addition to the common strategies. Why not laying Sharapova at 5:1 up for a small part of the green? Why not secure the profit after Safarova is up 3:0 in the 2nd set? In general I think it's possible to improve the profit with a bit more activity during a match. Perhaps that's the solution for trading better with the "green positions"...

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