Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sultan's Trading Academy (part 2)

Probably I made a mistake, I didn't want a Heijk bashing on this blog. I just liked to figure out that I have a different opinion about the Sultan's Trading Academy (STA). I was curious how he can have such a pointed opinion without any inside information.

Like mentioned in my lost post, I like to give you some information abut the STA. He offered:

  • Insight into my style of trading
  • 14 simple to execute strategies with advanced options, all of which I use myself
  • An email-based coaching service for 1 year
  • All my knowledge of the tennis markets
  • Help with the psychology of trading and tips to improve your mental game
  • In depth knowledge of all players inside the top 150, men and women
  • Analysis of your individual trades

Let's go through the points:

Insight into my syle of trading 
For me that's the most valuable part. In the last weeks I asked him more or less every evening what did he trade. So I got a feeling how und where he sees value. When I am watching now his old P+L screenshots, I know exactly (without asking him) what he traded and what the thoughts were behind these actions.

14 strategies
In the beginning I was confused. The 14 strategies (or let's say 12 of them) are very similar. So it's very hard to understand why you have different entry points. To be honest, at the start I just wanted to work with 3-4 of them. He told me that the trading will not work well if I only execute a part. In the meantime I am comfortable with all of them. It's all about finding value and the right entry point.

Email-based coaching
He answers quiet quick and detailled. There is no dumb question, he has patience and replies with good quality.

Knowledge of the tennis markets
I never head specific questions about the tennis market. Everybody knows that it's quiet volatile. I think this point is strongly related with the 14 strategies.

Mental game
I think the biggest benefit it's going through all the postings of Sultan's blog. Especially in the beginning he had big issues with his mental game.

I was very undisciplined (I made typical mistakes like chasing, not following the strategies, bets because of boredom) before. I think the switch from soccer to tennis was enough to improve this point. Since I am trading with the Sultan strategies the discipline rised a lot. Beside I was too impatient. This is still an issue, but I improved. Before I was always afraid to miss an opportunity. Now I know that there is no reason to take every halfway well looking trade. 3-4 trades during a normal day are enough. Some weeks ago I would lay today Federer or Wawrinka hoping for an upset. Now I am a lot more choosy. This helps to keep the losses small(er). The bigger issue it's the trading with the green part (Let run the winning trades). I will talk about it tomorrow...

Knowledge of players
Of course Sultan knows a lot of small, important details of the players. I can ask him about, but this point it's a bit more difficult. I have to watch the matches myself and look for repeating patterns. In the package I bought from Tradeshark was included a small summary of Top50 WTA and ATP players. It's quiet helpful, and I expand it now with my own notes.

Analysis of your individual trades
That's also a very valuable part. In the evening I sent him my trades. We recognized that I often traded small value or made too much entries. 

In my point of view you get what he is offering. In the end every student has to work on his own to become a successful trader. It's like learning a language. A teacher can help you on the way, but it's up to the student to be hard-working. 

Despite the good quality of the academy, I see some points to improve. The amazing transparency of his own success it's gone since he stopped the blogging with P+L screenshots. Beside he could be a bit more (active) helping to choose the right games for trading. To be honest I didn't ask him too much about it, and it's not included in the package. A newsletter for the students with good (possible) trading matchups could be a nice addition. And last, but not least would be great to have more interaction between the academy members.

In a school mark rating (1 = worst; 6 = best) I would give the STA a five. Tomorrow I will take a look to the typical problems his students have:

Btw: My trading day was quiet okay. I could make more profit, but let's talk tomorrow about the issue I already mentionend (Let run the winning trades).

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