Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Worst trading since weeks...

It seems I became overconfident after the last successful days. Today my trading was a disaster. I think I grabbed the three worst performing players of the day. I fancied Niculescu (lost 1:6, 1:6), Stephens (3:6, 3:6) and Harrison (0:6, 1:6) for late comebacks. Beside I almost lost another bet with backing Doi against Soler-Espinosa. I made all the mistakes (impatience, not enough focus on the games, not executing the strategies properly, not make the right conclussions of the game reading and stats) Sultan is talking about in his blog. 

The first bet of the day seems crucial for me. If I can succeed, I am relaxed for the following ones. If not, all the bad habbits take overhand.

At least it was a good decicion not rising the stakes. I am still too vulnerable.

What can I learn from a bad day like this? First of all I have to be more aware of the players actual form. Of course Niculescu and Stephens were the big favourites in their games, but they struggle a lot this year. So actually these bad performances were no real surpise. The opposite occured at the Harrison game... his opponent, Donald Young, played quiet good the last weeks. Beside he dominated the first set from A-Z (6:0-score). Unfortunately I was not enough focused and didn't see enough games, was just a kind of zapping from one game to the other. That's the other problem! I should only trade matches which I see from the beginning.

Beside I think the part time trading has a big disadvantage. First of all you can't watch as many games as a full timer. So you don't have the same information. The other problem is psychological. At the days I don't work in my normal job, I feel the pressure to trade es much as I can. I think the danger for overtrading is bigger as a part time trader.

Well, it was clear that bad days will come again. If I make the right conclussions, it's not the end of the world. You can learn from disastrous days like today...

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