Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The slump continues...

I traded more properly than yesterday, but the good run from last week definitely is gone. At least I am sure that today was more bad variance than bad trading. It's just normal that you lose some trades, especially with my strategies which are based on value trading. Often you find the value on the underdog or the player which is behind. Obvious you lose these kind of bets more often than not... The variance at Charleston was too good and right now is too bad.

Unfortunately I missed today a trade, because I felt asleep at afternoon. This is another disadvantage as a part timer. I had to work in the morning after a short night. So was quiet normal that I had a lack of sleep. It's one of the most important rules, not to trade without beeing fully rested.

Beside I was not totally focused on the matches I traded. I was switching from one game to the other. One time I made a trade without watching the first set... I disussed this topic with Sultan. He told me that you should not trade more than one game at once. It's important to pick the best possible match before the start. My preparation (for example read the daily schedule a day before and mark the interesting matchups) before starting to trade has to improve.

I am still very confident that I will overcome all the bad habbits and can improve my trading. Normally it takes over one year to be sustainable in profit. Right now are still missing some important elements like player/market knowledge, patience, focus and self-confidence.



  1. Sup Brulati!Im kind in the same struggle as you are.I think I lack player knowledge...a lot.I guess we just have to keep studying.

    By the way,the image in the background of your blog is the image I chose first for my blog background as well :D I changed it because it didnt contrast well with the color I wanted.

    You know what people say "great minds think alike".Perhaps a good omen for us? ;)

  2. Yes, player/market knowledge and watching games is crucial. You have to know which players are good front runners and which ones struggles under pressure finish a game. Beside it's important to check the form with watching the matches. With the scoreboard and the stats alone you don't know if one players was so good or the other one so bad...

    It's really time consuming and you see at Sultan's blog how much work you have to do until you reach his level.

    Well, let's see what is possible. In general I feel quiet confident. Good luck to you!