Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tennis is a mental game...

Sometimes trading is quiet easy, because there are patterns which repeat. At soccer it's about the frequent comebacks of Bayern Munich. If they are down (take for example the Champions League game against Manchester United), they are almost ever capable to react. I bet that they will do it next Tuesday again. As a Real Madrid supporter I am quiet worried, Ronaldo and Co. missed too much chances last Wednesday. At tennis it's even more obvious. It's a mental game...

The match between Ivanovic and Sharapova was the paradise for experienced traders. The bad start of Sharapova was not a suprise. After the easy match against Errani, you could expect that she will not be in a good rhythm. Tradeshark wrote at his blog:

"Ivanovic has won both her finals this season and I expect her to be aggressive. Sharapova has never lost at this event and has won the title for the last 2 seasons. She won’t be giving that record up easily and I am favouring her to take the title for a third time. I think she will have to come from behind though as we are likely to see errors from the line in the early games".

Even if you missed the start, there was an opportunity to enter the market. After Sharapova was down in the second set with 3:6 and 1:3 was a great moment to lay Ivanovic (I did it for 1.22). Masha is mentally so strong. She can rise her game (again) after a bad start or inadequate period in a match. Most of the other players, also Ivanovic, lose totally the confidence when the momentum turns against them (at least against strong opponents).

These are the patterns tennis (and soccer) is about. Today I felt comfortable with my trading. I scratched my surpise pick (Rosol against Dimitrov) at the right time for a small loss, and I arranged a good profit with the comeback of Sharapova. It could be bigger because I hedged it after the second set. I don't regret this action, because "green trades" will help me to strenghten the confidence. Beside Sharapova was at 1.50 no more value. Yes, she is mentally the stronger one (and the momentum was on her side), but Ivanovic is improved in this topic since this year.

Next week take place smaller tournaments at Estoril (ATP, WTA) and Munich (ATP). I will trade as much as possible. Gaining expierence on the ladders it's the most important for the moment. I will keep you informed, probably not on daily rhythm, but for sure once or twice during the week.


  1. Does that mean you will have learn the patterns of play and mental aspects of every player on the ATP and WTA tour to make your trading successful? If so, you have a hell of a lot of tennis to watch?! Maybe you could use youtube to assist you in this research.

    Is tennis a passion of yours and would you watch it out of your own free will? if not, then you are trading the sport for financial reasons and you should look at that as a positive. The sultan said he trades purely for financial reasons even though he says you should not look at financial results which doesnt make sense to me.

    1. Yes, you have to watch a lot of tennis games. Trading in this way it's at least a normal working day, in the beginning you have to "sacrify" the weekend as well. At the start 70 hours a week in front of the TV/Computer to see the players in action it's quiet normal. Unfortunately I only can do it part time... so it's even harder to find a rhythm and get the necessary knowledge. At tournaments it's important to see the players form. Often just the scoreboard it's not enough. Sultan (and probably me too) is a perfectionist. Probably it works with a bit less efforts too... but I like to do the best I can and that means, watching, watching and watching again!

      Before I just watched a few games at the biggest tournaments. Actually tennis was always one of my favourite sports, no wonder with Swiss players like Hingis, Roger, Stan or Bencic. :-)

      I like the combination to do something you like (watching tennis) and earn money. Of course I would reduce from 70 hours to a bit less when I can afford it one day. I guess that I will lose the passion after some months/years when I trade that much. At the moment it's fun... I am looking forward to the trading days and I am disappointed when I have to do my regular job. Sultan tells that it's (now) a job for him, but he sees the big advantages (you are your own boss... you make the decicions when you like to work and when not, you can earn a lot of money). In general I guess you can't trade tennis when you have no love to the (tennis) sport.

      I will take a look at youtube... could be a good idea.

  2. Is it correct that you are living in Switzerland (i draw the conclusion by the fact you list swiss players). If so, i heard that you have to pay taxes on your winnings in Switzerland. Is this right ?

  3. Yes, I am living in Switzerland. About taxes... I guess (it's like everywhere), but because I am only losing it's not a topic at the moment.