Saturday, 12 April 2014

Quiet day

Like I wrote yesterday, I hadn't much time to trade today. I only entered once, unfortunately I lost that trade.

Probably I was not enough careful about the signs that Donald Young showed during first set. He was not that sharp like the days before. The struggle began with the rebreak after he went in front (5:3), it continued with the missing setpoint later. At the tiebreak he lost completely the control and was obviously mad. At the game against Monaco he came back after he lost the first set. There he was calmer, beside his opponent was not that strong like Verdasco. So you can argue that the lay of Verdasco at 1.15 was not that much value. Afterwards I would agree, an earlier entry would be better. Not a really bad trade, but not a risk I should take. I am still in the mode that I am afraid to miss an opportunity. Yes, definitely I will miss some good trades with trading less, but in the long term you will save money with this approach. Also at trading quality is more important than quantity!

Beside I watched some games, but I didn't see (much) value. In general I hope for swings with my approach, and today a lot of very one sided matches took place. For example:

Gonzalez - Giraldo (the Colombian showdown) 3:6, 4:6
Scheepers - Dominguez 6:2, 6:1
Garcia - Oprandi 6:1, 7:5
Jankovic - Arrubarrena 6:4, 6:4
Radwanska - Meusburger 6:4, 6:1
Rybarikova - Suarez-Navarro 2:6, 3:6
Peer - Giorgi 1:6, 4:6
King - Duque-Marino 7:6, 7:5
Young - Verdasco 6:7, 1:6
Hanescu - Delbonis 6:7, 3:6
Carballes - Kuznetsov 6:4, 6:2

Beside there were two better games (Cornet and Granollers). So if you don't spot value right, you would have a really bad day. Too much games trained without any stop to 1.01. Despite I lost my only trade, I am quiet happy that I didn't enter the market. Okay, I was working the most of the day, but some of the mentioned games I followed and decided not to enter. Like I wrote, not the good days are the most crucial for long term profit. You have to reduce the losses at bad ones. Today definitely was a poor day with not much opportunities, at least for my approach. So I can be happy just lost less than 1% of my account.

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