Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Soccer it's not made for trading...

In the last post I wrote:

"Today I will not trade anymore tennis. I am just taking the value of Bayern Munich. They are at almost 4 to win the Champions League (not far away from the beginning... they lost just 0:1 at Madrid!). Beside they are at 2.60 to go in the final...". 

Todays game (0:4 for Real Madrid) was the last proof that's a waste of money and time to bet on soccer. At least for me... I think I could lay Switzerland to win the world cup in Brazil and they would go for the trophy (perhaps I should try it :-)). In general I guess that's a lot more difficult to make money with soccer than with tennis. You can also see this fact at the blog of Cassini. The most of the "so called experts" have terrible ROI's.

I got away with a blue eye. I definitely staked too high (especially with a result bet I made), but I stopped the biggest loss at the right time. Soccer is not made for trading, it's (mostly) just straight betting.

Instead of backing Bayern Munich I should lay Gabashivili. After the win against Ferrer in Barcelona and some decent performances on clay, he was overrated at the market. I have to wipe my mouth and go ahead tomorrow afternoon.

Today I made a final decicion... no more soccer bets. Perhaps I will do the one or the other for fun (5 Euro or so), but nothing more. The full concentration will be on tennis for now on.


  1. I learned long ago that football is not a trading sport as you say. Betting can be profitable if you identify value before the game starts, but the price movements are predictable depending on goals and time and there is no edge trading in-play that is not there pre-game - unless you are a football genius like David Moyes perhaps.

    1. Thanks for your post, Cassini. You are the proof that is possible to find value before the game. Like I wrote, you are the exception from the rule. The most of the "so called experts" are not really impressive.

      Let's see if I can do it better at tennis. I think it's possible, it needs only more experience. It's a question of time...