Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sultan's Trading Academy (part 1)

Last days I read the whole Blog of Sultan including all comments. Overall he wrote 307 posts and it takes on average around ten minutes to read one. So I spent around 3'000 minutes or 50 hours reading the whole blog. A lot of time, but it was worth it! I should do it since the beginning. It's great stuff and it's a real help for novice traders like me. It's a pity that he retired as a blogger.

I try my best to fill the gap a bit. I think the style of my blog it's similar to the one of Sultan. Probably I go a bit deeper in the details of my trades, and he was interested more in topics around the betting/blogging scene like premium charge (like I wrote some days ago it's the wrong time for me to think about it without any profit) or expert interviews. My blog is more a diary of my trading days, but in general it should also be a journey from a novice trader to a professional one.

Right now I am in the same position like Sultan after his very bad days (called Dark Ages). I don't make anymore the typical newbie mistakes like overstaking, lack of discipline or changing the strategies like the panties. If I make a comparison to Sultan, I am more progressed with the trading approach as he was after half a year he started the blog. No wonder, I am trading with his proven strategies, so I don't have to be worried about the framework. On the other hand his player/market knowledge was a lot better at the comparable timeperiod.

I will talk in this post about my first six months at the Sultan's Trading Academy. First I have to refer to an article at Heijk's blog:

It's a lack of respect to put Sultan on the wall of shame (despite I like the blog of Hejik and you find it on the blog roll). He proved that he is a great trader and never made (me) any wrong hopes. He exactly told every member of the Academy what it's included in the package and what not:

Here's what I offer:
  • Insight into my style of trading
  • 14 simple to execute strategies with advanced options, all of which I use myself
  • An email-based coaching service for 1 year
  • All my knowledge of the tennis markets
  • Help with the psychology of trading and tips to improve your mental game
  • In depth knowledge of all players inside the top 150, men and women
  • Analysis of your individual trades

Here's what I DO NOT offer:
  • A "golden egg laying goose" strategy
  • A guaranteed route to consistent profitability
  • Skype, face to face or telephone tutoring
  • Real-time, live trading analysis
  • Instant success for no work
  • Statistical databases

I only can say from my side that I got what he promised. If somebody expects a holy grail or at least golden profits in no time, he is dreaming. Trading it's hard work and will stay hard work. Only 5% of people which starts trading will keep it long term. I hope that I will be one of them. Let's see... Tommorow I will take a closer look about the fulfillment of the above mentioned points.

A bit later I plan to go through the typical mistakes his students do:

Right now I have to go to bed. Yesterday I slept too long and I missed the first games at Monte Carlo. That's not the right mindset for a hopefully future full time trader :-).


  1. What exactly do you like about Hejik's blog ? He is a bully.

  2. It's quiet transparent and not a P+L screenshot blog only. It's good what he is writing, just he is so wrong with Sultan, but in fact I like a controversy discussion. I can understand his point, because he is too far away to make a fair judgement.

  3. Hi Brulati,

    Thank you for linking and listing me on your blog roll. When I set one up I will be sure to reciprocate, I just don't know how I want to do it yet.

    I do take on board your comments and as you know have responded to your fair opinions on my own blog. As you rightly say, I am not in a position to judge fairly the specifics of his academy/service and my post was really intended simply to highlight the wider issue I personally found in Sultan's blog.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the blog on the whole and I have some interesting content coming this weekend

  4. I think Hejik is using people to try and get up the "tipping ladder " . He is going around blog sites posting his opinion. What is so good about his blog ? What has he be doing for the last 10 years ? His blog only started in Jan 2014.

    If Hejik had so much to offer why does he spend his time talking about Sultan etc when he does not have the skills to make a fair judgement.

    Hejik is not a good representation of the betting industry.

    1. I don't know who you are, but I don't like a discussion about Hejik here. I mentioned my points, he replied and probably understand that he overreacted about Sultan. So we can go back to more interesting topics as a Heijk bashing.

  5. Apologies for this Brulati but I'm unable to escape this particular troll.
    He appears to have little better to do but stalk me all over the internet.

    Apologies once again

    1. No problem, Hejik! I activated the "comment control" now. I don't like so much anonymous postings if they have no added value. I think it's enough to mention it once that he doesn't like you.